Did you know businessmen hire that company ladies to take them to important social events? This is very normal, which has happened for many years, where these girls pose as friends or partners of their clients. Today, many people think that being a companion comes hand in hand with prostitution because they are similar services.

Prostitution has been around for many years. It is considered one of the oldest professions in the world. In the year 2400 BC, the story goes that this profession gave its first records in the temples of Sumerian priests or brothels. At that time, a goddess of love, sex, and war, known as Inanna, protected the crown and the prostitutes.

You can see that despite time, this topic is still taboo in many countries and is not accepted by society. For people, this is a profession born out of sexual slavery, trafficking in women, and humiliation to women. Back then, they were not called VIP escorts but prostitutes and had excellent benefits from the gods.

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This profession is called a company lady or vip escorts, where they offer services of all kinds, whether sexual or not. Today, it is one of the most dangerous and discredited professions, although, in several countries, they are legal, and their history is known. That is why the people who dedicate their lives to this profession have made these two terms and their differences known.

When they speak of a prostitute, it is a person who offers her sexual services in exchange for money and for a short time. At least that independent private girls can offer their services through an agency without having to involve sex. In addition, these girls are hired for social events and pose as a friend or partner of their clients.

The most incredible thing is that the company ladies can travel with their clients and have all the luxuries. The services of the escort ladies are much more expensive than the services of a prostitute, they are very attractive women, and you can outcall them at any time. You will see that to be escorts, women or men must meet certain requirements.

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